B R U T A L I S T   A I R   P U R I F I E R​​​​​​​

T H E   B R I E F
The brief for this project was to design an air purifier. I chose to do it in a style I have never done a product in before – Brutalism. I wanted to explore different materials and forms and steer away from the conventional minimal white plastic design that is seen in most air purifiers, and all products in that category for that matter.​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​T H E   R E S E A R C H
I took inspiration from brutalist architecture, I was particularly drawn to the form of nuclear power plant chimneys. I liked the idea of using concrete, a material viewed as harmful to the environment, as the main material of this device that cleans the environment around it.​​​​​​​
T H E   P R O D U C T
The result was a beautiful blend of concrete and glass to contain the internal components, with the centre of focus being a natural plant to contrast the manmade glass and concrete. All of the controls are operated by a single dial that can be pressed in to turn the product on and off, or turned to 4 different strength settings.